The CoMeCAR, funded by the MCI in the 2022 call (PID2022-137096OB-I00), aims to develop tools for rapid infrastructure inspection using electrochemical impedance so that possible corrosion problems can be detected well in advance.

Researchers from the ENCOMAT and e-Materiais Groups have obtained a grant from the Ministry of Science and Innovation corresponding to the 2021 call, for projects aimed at the ecological transition and the digital transition, of the Government Plan Scientifical, Technical and Innovation Research


We started the project, SOLDALAC, on the durability of dissimilar metal welds, with the companies CIE GALFOR e VIGOTEC


We started a new project, CORESFUN, on electrically conducting cement, with the companies ENMACOSA e FUNDICIONES REY

ENCOMAT member Carmen Pérez elected chair of the ISE Division 4 for the 2023-2024 term. 
Division 4 deals with Electrochemical Materials Science 


We are developing the project "Research into electrochemical techniques for the treatment of austenitic stainless steels to generate a new, compact, and environmentally neutral electropolishing methodology (ELECPUL)" with the company INSERPYME Global

The Group was awarded in call 2020UVVI+D25052020PI+D  with grant corresponding to the "contrato- programa"  (Ref. 20VI-04) (01/10/2020 a 30/06/2021)


Together with the company CIE GALFOR we are developing the project "Research on aluminium  hot forging techniques for fabrication of large-size structural components in automotive (FORJAL II)"


We are developing the project "Research in electrochemical techniques for comprehensive water treatment for the generation of high-efficiency tunnels for washing and disinfecting plastic boxes (TULAV)" with the company INSERPYME Global